ponedeljek, 16. avgust 2010

Coral Reef and a Flower ring

I wore this nail polish days ago. Here is Avon Coral Reef.

Under direct sunlight:

In shade:

I love it! Perfect colour for the summer. :) It needs two coats for full coverage. Application was good.

Ivana asked me to show you my flower ring and here it is:

It's little big, but I like it! :D On my nails: S-he - 434.

Have a nice day! :*

11 komentarjev:

  1. Zelo lepa barva! <3

    Pa prstančki so tud krasni! :)

  2. Res so čudoviti tile prstani!

  3. Lepa manikura! <3 Pa prstani so res cuuute!!! <3 Hvala za slikce. :*

  4. I love your rings! They're (I couldn't useanother word :D) charming. :)

    and I really love your nails shape :)
    I follow your blog :)

  5. hi!Nic blog you got there!
    I'm a follower now :)

    Maybe you can check out my blog as well and become a follower?


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  7. Ivana hvala in np. :)

    Thank you, zetuzetia and Tessa. :)