nedelja, 06. junij 2010

My first Carlos Santos

I finally tried out Carlos Santos 518. I got it a while ago from Biba. Thanks! :*

The application was really easy and the brush is great.

It's well pigmented. It needs just one coat for full coverage!

I LOVE the colour! And a bonus picture. Bracelet that I made it today. :) Hope you like it.

7 komentarjev:

  1. Just found your blog and it's awesome!

    Love that purple polish and your nails are beautiful!

    Pls checkout my blog
    Thank you :)

  2. It looks great on you!
    And this charm bracelet looks very sweet :)

  3. Vau, zelo mi je všeč tale odtenek! Pa to, da je potrebna samo ena plast. Super! In lepo izgleda na tvojih čudoviiitih nohtkih! <3<3

  4. Thanks, rmcandlelight! :)

    Hvala Biba in Tiana. <3

  5. REALLY pretty. LOVE IT and WANT IT. :)

  6. Thanks, Susies!

    Tassa, hvala. :)