ponedeljek, 28. junij 2010

Dreamy Poppy

Today I will show you a manicure which I have been wearing for the past few days and it still looks like the first day. :) I got it a long time ago from very nice girl Naima from Ars Cosmetica forum. Why didn’t I try this polish before? I love it! Here is Wet'n'wild Dreamy Poppy.

I was surprised by the formula. It wasn't gloopy at all and for me it worked to apply 2 thin layers. I really like the brush.

I don’t know actually how to describe this color. :) I think it's perfect for the summer. So, do you like it? What will be your favorite color for this summer?

5 komentarjev:

  1. Tudi meni je všeč!
    Imam zelo podobnega znamke S-he (305) in takšne barve so res super za poletje!

  2. Hvala, vsem! *hug* Res je lepa barva. <3

  3. Lep! <3
    Glih za poletje in za na plažo! ;)