ponedeljek, 11. oktober 2010

Avon Limeade

This polish is from Speed Dry+ line. It's really sheer. I added two thick layers. Drying time is quick, so I had little troubles applying it to my nails. It reminds me on Poison form Look by Bipa.

Under direct sunlight:

In shade:

I also did some stamping on this. I used Konad image plate M78 and Essence I Love My Jeans from TE Denim Wanted! for stamping.

What do you think? :) Have a nice day! :*

3 komentarji:

  1. I just got this polish and was disappointed. I thought it was a darker green at least it looked that way from the book.

    I'm really liking it after seeing your pictures of it. Love the konading stamping! :D

  2. Osnovna barva ni kaj preveč po mojem okusu, ampak s konadom je pa čist druga pesem...
    I like it! :))

  3. Thanks, rncandelight. I like it too. :)

    Hvala, Tassa. Samo se ne more primerjati s tvojimi konadi. :p