sobota, 03. julij 2010

Violet Creations

I chose China Glaze LOL as my manicure for today. LOL is one of my holographic polishes.

Isn't it gorgeous? Especially in the sun the parkles go crazy! Look at this purple deliciousness. You definitely need this one.

The formula is ok, but I had some troubles applying it to my nails. For these pictures I applied 2 coats.

Today I made some new jewellery. It goes perfect with my nail polish. Look! :)

And now... Time for Simpsons! :D

10 komentarjev:

  1. Spet lahko same presežnike naštejem. :)

    Krasni nohti, lep lak, čudoviti uhančki,...

  2. A ne da je. Čudovitko mali. :)

  3. Pretty...but I heard that they were discontinued? Here, in Australia. So I can't get my hands on this colour, but I love love love purple. Favourite nail polish colour ever! :)

  4. hello!
    I found you from blog. =)

    I own LOL but I haven't tried it yet. a lot of people have told me to use the sandwich method for the omg holo collection. 1 coat holo 1 coat top coat then on top another coat of the holo. maybe that will work better for application ? I'm not too sure I haven't tried it out yet.

  5. Joan, yes they are discontinued. :( I'm happy that I got it. :)

    Shortnails, I'll definitely try this! Thanks! :)

  6. o kako lepi uhančki:P...tako kul ohančke sama narediš?:P.... uhh jaz bi jih tudi imelaaaaa....res so lepi:)

  7. Pink_Diamond, hvala! Ja, uhančke pa sama delam. :) Če si jih želiš, mi lahko napišeš mail in se bova zmenili zanje. :)